Administrative Fellowship Program


Taylor Rudd, MBA

Napa County Administrative Fellow

Graduate University: University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • “Making the decision to go into health care didn’t just happen after one moment, but after a collection of moments. That isn’t to say that some moments aren’t bigger than others. I always wanted to be in health care. It was deciding what my role was going to be in health care that was more difficult. My original intention was to become a Pharmacist. In order to aid in this decision I shadowed the Pharmacists at my local hospital. It didn’t take me longer than a week to realize that this wasn’t going to be the life for me. From that same experience I also realized what I could see myself doing. During the shadowing process I discovered that I was gravitating towards processes, systems and relationships between Pharmacists and Doctors and wanting to know more about them than I was about drug interactions, mixing and comparing side effects. That was the moment I realized that I needed to be in Administration. By focusing on improving processes, creating efficiency in operations and building a culture where clinicians could thrive, I could fulfill my desire to be in health care and make a difference in how health care is delivered.”


Morgan Jolley, MHA

Regional Operations Manager

Year/Date of Fellowship: 2014 – 2015

Graduate University: University of Washington

  • "The greatest take away from my fellowship here at St. Joseph Health would be the ability to be successful and effect change is largely predicated on your communication skills and capacity to create trusting relationships. As an administrator, your responsibility is to create and facilitate high functioning teams that can navigate the complexities of health care in order to create the best outcome for the patient.”

    “I enjoy working for a health system that is focused on creating healthier communities by providing care for all aspects of our health; physical, mental & spiritual. The value behind waking up each day and knowing that the work you do is improving the overall community is rewarding.”

Leslie Akizuki, MHA

Project Manager, St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare

Year/Date of Fellowship: 2013 – 2014

Graduate University: University of Washington

"The greatest lesson I learned from my fellowship here at St. Joseph Health would be that it is important to take opportunities to step out of your comfort zone. Although I have a long term interest in operations, in retrospect I am thankful to have gone through rotations in other areas like strategic planning and finance. It was critical for me to diversify my knowledge base and skill-set to understand how the system functions overall. My well-rounded fellowship experience has enabled me to be more cross-functional in my current role.”

“I enjoy working for St. Joseph Health for two key reasons. First, it is a mission-driven organization. I believe the values-based culture within St. Joseph Health is driven by leadership who take pride in, and are always mindful of our mission. Second, St. Joseph Health provides opportunities for young leaders to take on meaningful work, partnering with all levels of the organization. I especially enjoy my current role with the medical practice foundation, Heritage. There is exciting growth and great staff on the outpatient medical group side of the integrated delivery system!”

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