Heart Center

Cardiac Program Overview

A comprehensive cardiac program means many things from education to risk factor reduction, to diagnosis to medical and surgical treatment and follow-up.

It means having a an emergency cardiac team standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with highly trained physicians and surgeons skilled in the most advanced technologies... from minimally invasive techniques to complex bypass procedures.

It means having a team that includes triple-board certified surgeons and interventional cardiologists with more than 100 -years collective experience. Their credentials include training at many major university hospitals across America. But what makes this heart program unique is that we treat hearts the way we treat every Napa Valley resident... one at a time.

The Heart - A Muscle That Never Rests

The heart is a unique organ consisting of mostly muscle -- but unlike other muscles, it can never rest. From before our birth to the end of life, it beats, pumping blood around our bodies and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It also pumps blood to itself, passing through small arteries to nourish the heart's own muscle. When that blood flow is stopped, even for just a few minutes, a heart attack begins and the heart muscle begins to die. In a very real sense -- time is muscle. And a strong heart depends on every part of the muscle working.

Queen of the Valley Medical Center, through its state-of-the-art facility and highly trained physicians, helps to keep the beat strong. Both paramedics and our Emergency Room play vital roles in getting care started quickly. Within minutes of a heart attack starting, a patient can be receiving treatment at the hospital. The blood vessels can be opened and blood flow restored or if necessary, a bypass operation performed to bring more blood to the heart.

This is only possible if the hospital is close to the patient. We are fortunate to have a hospital capable of providing this sophisticated and complex care in our community. Many cities of our size do not. Through the generosity of our local community and the support of the hospital and physicians, this important care is available to everyone in Napa within minutes.

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