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Medical Alarm Buttons Become More Discrete


Napa, CA – For the past twenty-five years, Queen of the Valley Medical Center-lifeline has offered assistance to seniors at the press of a button.  To better serve our elderly community, Queen of the Valley Medical Center will begin using the Philips Lifeline Tempo™ Watch.

Traditional, cumbersome devices have paved to the way for more efficient and easier to use models. Designed with the needs of seniors in mind, the Tempo Watch is an easy-to-read Timex® watch with the Lifeline button built in. The button is easy to press but not so easy that it is set off by accident. The watch can be worn in the bath or shower with no worries as it is waterproof to 98 feet.
In the past, seniors have often felt a stigma associated with traditional medical alert service devices. "Wearing a traditional help button can remind some people of their aging, and can draw attention to their increasing vulnerability," says Damon Tinnon, Program Manager.

"I didn’t want to have that chain hanging around my neck for the rest of my life. This is, well, just like wearing a watch. It’s a watch. It’s my lifeline.  I never take it off. I’m not even thinking about Lifeline. My family is delighted that I have the service and the Tempo doesn’t interfere with my life at all," says Rose, an 85 year-old Lifeline subscriber who is very active in her community.

"I vastly prefer this to two other kinds of buttons I’ve tried before. It’s the best looking button, and it’s practical.  I am more consistent in making sure I have this one on because it is my watch," says William, a 50-year old subscriber who recommends the Tempo Watch to his friends. 

Elders like that they have the Lifeline service, an easy-to-read Timex® watch and no one knows they are wearing a personal help button. 

To learn more about the new Tempo Watch please contact Queen of the Valley Medical Center-lifeline at 257-4130.


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