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Queen of the Valley Launches More Interactive Version of Website Filled with New Tools and Resources


Queen of the Valley Medical Center recently launched a new, more interactive and visually dynamic version of its website, The new site is filled with resources and tools for health care consumers and patients. Among the new or redesigned features are virtual tours of the medical center, a physician locator, an easier-to use job listing, extensive video and audio health content, and even an online-gift shop.

"The new site is more interactive, easier to navigate and contains much more health information for consumers, from how to prepare for surgery to women’s health issues," says Jaime Peñaherrera, director of marketing and communications at Queen of the Valley.

"We want people to find answers to as many of their health questions and concerns as possible on The Queen’s website, as well as have access to useful information about hospital services," says Peñaherrera. "The new website is intended to be engaging, and even motivational, when it comes to helping people be more proactive about their health. Our website contains useful information in both English and Spanish."

On the new website, under "Health Resources" on the top navigation bar, you can find educational tools such as the "Anatomy Navigator;" search databases for information on drugs, conditions, and procedures; view animated video presentations; read up on the latest health news; listen to podcasts; and even create a secure, online personal health record. "The information you find under ‘Health Resources’ is credible and comprehensive, so there is no need to ‘google’ a medical or health topic and take the risk of going to a less-trustworthy site," says Peñaherrera.

The new website also allows visitors to take virtual tours of various departments and sections of the hospital, from the hospital’s Catheterization Lab to its Maternity Center. Using this feature, you can gain a 360-degree view of the spotlighted department, simply by clicking and dragging on an image. For example, by choosing the Maternity Center option, you can see sample, panoramic views of a patient room, the Intensive Care Nursery and Well Baby Nursery.

"This feature allows patients to become familiar with parts of the hospital before admission, helping them to be more comfortable with areas they might visit during their stay," says Peñaherrera.

Consumers can also use the website to locate a physician from among Queen of the Valley’s highly qualified medical staff, choosing from dozens of specialties.

Another new feature allows family and friends to order an e-card, flowers or other items from the hospital’s online-gift shop for delivery to a patient at the hospital. According to Peñaherrera, the hospital’s gift shop has received orders for "get well" gifts from different parts of the world via this function.

"The website has become a one-stop experience for health care consumers, patients, and family members, because of its depth of content, its technical innovations, and usability," said Peñaherrera. "You can learn of classes, find a doctor, take a virtual tour, sign up for a newsletter, donate to the medical center, find out about posted jobs, visit the online-gift shop and more - and that’s just by visiting the home page!"

About Queen of the Valley Medical Center

Queen of the Valley Medical Center is a 191-bed, acute-care facility founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. The Queen is the largest health care facility and one of the largest employers in Napa County. Services provided include: a Regional Heart Center, a Regional Orthopedic Center, a Regional Cancer Center approved with commendations by the American College of Surgeons, a Women’s Center, maternity and infant care, inpatient and outpatient minimally invasive surgery, occupational health, imaging center and full-service emergency department, among many other specialty services. More information about Queen of the Valley Medical Center can be found at

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