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Arthritis Foundation brings to Napa the Second Annual Bone and Joint Expo 2011 Offering Latest Information on Arthritis Treatments


(Napa, CA) - On October 15th, The Arthritis Foundation, Northern California Chapter in cooperation
with Queen of the Valley Medical Canter (QVMC), Napa Valley Orthopaedic Medical Group, Inc., and other community partners will present "Bone & Joint Expo 2011" at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel, 3425 Solano Avenue, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Caregivers, patients and their families are welcome to attend this FREE event.

"Whether caused by illness, repetitive motion, acute injury, or advancing age – arthritis and other types of joint pain will unfortunately affect almost everyone at some point in life," says Jaime Peñaherrera, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations at Queen of the Valley Medical Center. "As our population ages, the incidence of those problems is growing rapidly. Fortunately, the options for eliminating or at least greatly reducing those problems are growing every year, as well."

"This is our second event in Napa, but our seventh annual event. This has become a premier event in the nation for people with arthritis and an extension of our community partners’ ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life of those coping with chronic illnesses such as arthritis through education and awareness," says Deborah Jackson, Senior Vice President of Community Development, Arthritis Foundation. "We have been able to help more and more people find the help and the information they need –an important goal the Arthritis Foundation and our community partners have always shared."

At Bone & Joint Expo 2011, physicians, physical therapists, and other health care professionals from QVMC will host workshops on many of the latest, most effective surgical and non-surgical options for the treatment and prevention of spine and joint degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis and gout available through the Queen including:

  • Hip & knee replacement: Less invasive and computer assisted knee replacement
  • Arthroscopic treatment of shoulder pain: Microscopic treatment for neck and back arthritis
  • Non-operative treatment of knee pain: Integrative Health for Arthritis - Chinese herbal medicine
  • Effective physical therapy for arthritis: Treating rheumatoid arthritis
  • Non-surgical treatments for hip arthritis: Osteoporosis – Keeping the bone stronger
  • Knee arthritis – alternatives to surgery: Community resources for arthritis patients
  • PCIP 101 – Pre-existing insurance plan

Demonstrations and displays of products and services to help deal with the challenges of bone and joint problems,from exercise techniques to surgical implants, will also be on display. To register for this FREE event, call 1-877-QUEEN LINE (1-877-783-3654).

Workshop Schedule
Saturday, October 15th
9:00am – 3:00pm
Exhibitor booths open at 9:00 am

Please note: Because of circumstances beyond our control, workshop details may change up to the date of the EXPO.

10:00-11:00 am
Workshop Presenter Room
Disk Replacement & Advancement in Care of the Arthritic Spine Jason Huffman, MD Syrah
The Basics of Hip & Knee Replacement: Answers to Common Questions. John Diana, MD
Michael Shifflett, MD


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Brittany Goss, MD Cabernet

Shoulder Pain – Arthroscopic Techniques to Address Common Problems

Brian Freeto, MD Zinfandel

11:15 – 12:15 pm
Workshop Presenter Room

Knee Arthritis – Latest Advances in Non-Operative Treatment

Marko Bodor, MD Syrah

The Role of Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Arthritis

Larry Hazen, PT
Mike Smith, PT


Osteoporosis – Keeping the Bones Strong as We Get Older

Do-eun Lee, MD


Hip Arthritis – What Can we do Besides Replacement?

Mark Lawler, MD Zinfandel

12:30 – 1:30 pm
Workshop Presenter Room

Knee Replacement – Less Invasive Techniques & Computer Assisted Options

Michael Shifflett, MD


Hip Replacement --an Update on Current Techniques & Options

John Diana, MD Merlot

Hand Arthritis --The Latest Solutions to Common Problems

Daniel Birkbeck, MD Cabernet

Arthritis of the Neck and Back – The Latest in Microscopic Treatment

Jason Huffman, MD Zinfandel

1:45 – 2:45 pm
Workshop Presenter Room

Community Resources for Supporting Patients with Arthritis

Robert Nations Syrah

PCIP 101 – Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan

Audrey Oberle Merlot

Knee Arthritis – What Can We do Besides Replacement?

Brian Freeto, MD Cabernet

Integrative Health for Arthritis – Chinese Medicine

Chris Henderson, ND, Lac


About Queen of the Valley Medical Center
Queen of the Valley Medical Center is a 191-bed, acute-care facility founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. The Queen is the largest health care facility and one of the largest employers in Napa County. Services provided include: a Regional Heart Center, a Regional Orthopedic Center, a Cancer Center approved with commendations by the American College of Surgeons, a Neuroscience Center, a Women’s Center, maternity and infant care, inpatient and outpatient minimally invasive surgery, occupational health, and full-service emergency department, among many other specialty services. More information about Queen of the Valley Medical Center can be found at

About the Arthritis Foundation, Northern California Chapter
Nearly one million residents in the San Francisco Bay Area Counties have arthritis. The mission of the
Arthritis Foundation is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases. We do this through research, education and targeted programs. Our chapter serves 16 counties in the Northern California area. To learn more contact us at

Queen of the Valley Medical Center was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. Its mission is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange by improving the health and quality of life of people in the communities we serve.

For a free physician referral call 1-877-QUEEN LINE (1-877-783-3654) or visit

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