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Queen of the Valley Medical Center Physician Implants Revolutionary MRI-safe Pacemaker


(Napa, CA) - A patient at Queen of the Valley Medical Center recently received the nation’s newest FDA approved, MRI-compatible, implantable pacemaker. Approved in February 2011, that breakthrough technology makes it possible for patients suffering from cardiac arrhythmia and utilizing an implanted pacemaker to safely undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) testing.

Queen of the Valley’s cardiologist Sergio Manubens, MD, performed the implant procedure using
Medtronic’s Revo MRI SureScan pacing system. "At Queen of the Valley Medical Center, we implant
over 200 pacemakers every year and more than 50% of those patients may require MRI studies in the foreseeable future," Dr. Manubens said. "Traditionally, MRI studies could not be done on those patients because the strong magnetic fields and energy generated by the MRI can interfere with the normal function of conventional pacemakers."

According to device manufacturer Medtronic, Inc., an estimated 200,000 pacemaker recipients in the
United States must forgo MRI scans each year due to serious complications that can result when their conventional pacemaker is exposed to the powerful magnetic fields generated during that procedure. Those risks include unintended cardiac stimulation, overheating of the pacemaker’s leads and resulting injury to the patient’s heart, and damage to the pacemaker that causes it to malfunction.

"The enhanced diagnostic capabilities of an MRI can now be available to pacemaker patients," Dr.
Manubens continued. "That will result in more accurate diagnoses and possibly better outcomes for a number of patients, particularly those with orthopedic and neurological conditions, who otherwise would not have been eligible."

"The Queen of the Valley Regional Heart Center is dedicated to continually offering the very latest, most effective technological support for our physicians and their patients," said Carrie Zaidel, Director of Cardiac Services at Queen of the Valley Medical Center. "Thanks to the dedication and skill of physicians like Dr. Manubens, that ongoing investment is being put to the best possible use every day of the year."

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Note: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, a fellow member of the St. Joseph Health, was the first hospital north of the Golden Gate Bridge to implant the Medtronic device.

About Queen of the Valley Medical Center
Queen of the Valley Medical Center is a 191-bed, acute-care facility founded by the Sisters of St.
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Queen of the Valley Medical Center was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. Its
mission is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of
Orange by continually improving the health and quality of life of people in the communities we

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