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Queen’s Napa Valley Parent University Honors Second Graduating Class


(Napa, CA ) – Napa Valley Parent University (NVPU) recently honored its second
graduating classes at McPherson Elementary School and Phillips Charter School. Queen of the
Valley Medical Center (QVMC) created NVPU in collaboration with On the Move. QVMC
continues to support NVPU as a learning environment for parents offering a wide variety of classes
to help Napa area parents become more effective parents and participate as leaders at their children’s schools and in their communities.

During the 2010-2011 school year Napa Valley Parent University offered 43 classes at McPherson
Elementary School and 30 Phillips Charter School. A graduating ceremony was held at each school.
NVPU provided a total of 57 classes covering topics including becoming an effective school
consumer and advocate, a school, community and project leader or an effective volunteer in the
classroom and at events. NVPU also offers a series of courses on raising a healthy child and
accessing health care services. In 2011, over 700 area parents attended at least one NVPU class and 73 parents obtained the 20 credits necessary to graduate from the rigorous program. In 2011-2012 it is anticipated that two additional area schools will offer the NVPU program.

Jaime Peñaherrera, QVMC Director of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations says,
"NVPU is a very unique program and a good example of the dedication and commitment of Queen
of the Valley Medical Center to the increasingly diversified ethnic and economic groups who now
live and work together in the Napa Valley."

NVPU 2011 participants generally found the experiences rigorous but highly rewarding. Maria
Meza, mother of four, says, "Through NVPU I was discovering my abilities and learning how to use
a computer. NVPU gave me a sense of the importance of feeling accomplished, learning how to take
care of myself and preparing to be a better person. And if I don’t prepare myself to live and work in
the world, how can I help my children?"

Francisco Ramirez, another NVPU graduate and father, has particularly enjoyed the benefits NVPU
has provided him as a father. "My biggest inspiration is my children." Francisco says. "I wanted to
show and teach them the good habits of studying by leading through example, by walking the talk.
That way they can feel more confident that I can help them when they face obstacles."

Maria Ruiz, QVMC Community Organizer and NVPU Coordinator says, "Our program has grown
rapidly in its first two years, both in the number of participants and the number of classes we offer.
Maria and Francisco are just two of the wonderful parents we have gotten to meet. Sometimes, I
think the instructors may get almost as much out of NVPU as the people they work with. We are all
very much looking forward to the 2011-2012 school year."

For more information about this program call Maria Ruiz, QVMC Community Organizer at (707)

* NVPU is not an accredited educational institution. Successful completion of the NVPU program
does not result in the presentation of a widely recognized certification or degree.

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