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Perinatal / Postnatal Education
NEW MOMS’ GROUP...feeding, sleeping and more! Next Event Date: May 30, 2019 Drop-in moms and babies - NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED Lactation Consultant support available.
Maternity Center Tour Next Event Date: Jun 1, 2019 The tour of the Maternity Center includes your pre-admission paperwork. Registration required. Childcare is not available.
Breastfeeding Next Event Date: Jun 3, 2019 A class for moms and dads, or other support persons. Breastfeeding is natural, but preparation is recommended. Class covers the benefits of breastfeeding, the basics, how dad can ...
Childbirth Preparation - Tuesday Next Event Date: Jun 4, 2019 Class includes an overview of labor and pain management techniques, cesarean deliveries, and what to expect on the big day. Options, including a flexible birth plan and ...
Breast Milk: Pumping and Storing Next Event Date: Jun 5, 2019 With advanced planning, family and workplace support, moms can successfully pump and store breast milk. How to assemble a breast pump will be demonstrated. Registration required.
Infant Massage Next Event Date: Jun 7, 2019 This is a 3-week series that begins the first Friday of every month. Infant massage provides a demonstration in respectful communication, gentle touch and stroke techniques used by ...

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