CARE Network

Promoting the Health of the Individual with a Chronic Condition

One of our main goals at Community Outreach is to promote wellness and disease prevention, and to help individuals with chronic conditions better manage their own health needs.

C - Case Management

A - Advocacy

R - Resource & Referral

E - Education

CARE Network Can Help - No-cost Help for the Low-income Chronically Ill

We promote independence in self-management of chronic conditions through home or office visits by nurses and social workers offering comprehensive support and care management services.

  • Disease education (including coping and decision-making)
  • Medication compliance and adherence
  • Benefits, financial and community resources
  • Limited social or family support
  • Home safety concerns
  • Over- or under-utilization of medical services

Who Qualifies?

Low-income, uninsured or underinsured clients who have chronic medical conditions and would benefit from case management services. For example individuals with:

For more information or referrals, call 707-251-2000.

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