Napa Valley Parent University

Our Goal

The goal of Napa Valley Parent University is to provide parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to become more involved in their children’s education, at school and in the community.

All of our classes are offered bilingually, in English and Spanish, in the morning and evening. They are provided free and childcare is provided during all classes. We work hard to eliminate any barriers that might prevent interested parents from participating.

Our Mission

Unity in Purpose: To design a learning environment where parents can take an array of classes that will help them be more effective parents and leaders at school and in the community.

Our Program

NVPU classes fall under 4 focus areas:

  • How to become an effective volunteer in the classroom and at events
  • How to become an effective school consumer and advocate
  • How to become a school, community and project leader
  • How to raise a healthy child and access health services

Parents earn credits for each class hour they complete: 1 credit = 1 hour of class. When parents earn 20 credits they become eligible to graduate and receive a certificate for successfully completing the program. (Completion of the program does not result in the presentation of a widely recognized certification or degree). For additional information, visit our new website here and link to this address:

Our Schools

In order to participate in the NVPU programs schools must:

  • Be a Title I school
  • Have a committed principal
  • Have space for classes to be held at
  • Provide a staff (NVPU Site Coordinator) member to help implement the program with a minimum of 15 hours a week

We currently have a total of six schools enrolled in the NVPU program for the 2015-2016 school year. Those schools are:

  • McPherson Elementary School
  • Phillips Elementary School
  • Shearer Elementary School
  • Willow Elementary School
  • Snow Elementary School

Our Results

NVPU is now in its seventh year and the program has been very successful to date. Last year, over 1,500 unduplicated parents took at least one class and more than 100 different classes were offered at all of our school sites.

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