Wellness Program

This program is designed to complement cancer therapy by strengthening the body, enriching the mind, and nurturing hope and courage. The 12-week program is generously available to all cancer patients, regardless of economic level, on behalf of the financial support of the Queen of the Valley Foundation through donations from our community. Click here to donate to the cancer wellness program.

Participants receive:

  • Guidance in developing an exercise program with a physical therapist to increase energy and combat fatigue
  • Nutritional consultation with a registered dietician to improve nutritional health
  • Individuals counseling sessions with a licensed therapist and/or meditative wellness coach to promote well-being and stress mastery
  • Private meeting with a spiritual care minister, as needed.
  • Individual sessions with a Rosen Method/Comfort Touch practitioner to enhance body awareness and relaxation
  • Information on community resources and organizations that serve the needs of cancer survivors
  • Membership to Synergy Medical Fitness Center for a 3-month period, which includes access to group classes such as yoga, Pilates, meditation, aquatic exercise and more.

Admission requires a physician’s referral. Anyone with a physical or functional deficit as a result of cancer, who is undergoing or who has recently completed cancer treatment is eligible to participate. Any resident of Napa County regardless of where they receive treatment is eligible; any person who lives outside of the Napa Valley, but receives treatment at Queen of the Valley Medical Center is also able to participate.

Contact Us

We are located within Queen of the Valley’s Wellness Center/Synergy Medical Fitness Center on the southeast corner of campus. For more information, contact (707) 252-4411 ext. 2495.

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