Case Management

The Case Management Department at Queen of the Valley Medical Center provides an essential service in helping patients and their families identify specific health care needs and assist them in developing a plan to provide the best continued care after discharge. We help patients and their loved ones better understand and cope with the emotional and social problems that may affect their health.

Case Management services are available to all Queen of the Valley Medical Center patients and their families to address the discharge planning needs of patients of all ages. The department includes both Social Workers (Social Services) and RN Case Managers. The Social Workers focus on the social issues for discharge, while the RN Case Managers focus on the medical issues. Both coordinate access to community resources based on social or medical needs. They also coordinate transition to other facilities.

The services provided in the Case Management Department help:

  • Preserve a patient's dignity and confidence to return to as high a level of self-care as possible.
  • Coordinate medical center services with resources in the community such as drug/alcohol, psychiatric and Skilled Nursing facilities.
  • Patients and families adjust to trauma, illness, and/or disability and involve the patient and family in planning the transition home or to another facility.
  • Enhance quality of life for patients and their families by providing assistance in obtaining basic resources.
  • Preserve and strengthen family relationships by providing emotional support and by interpretation of complex medical language to family members so that they will become more accepting and realistic about the patient's problems and goals.

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