Maternity / Infant Care

Keeping Kids Healthy

Queen of the Valley Medical Center's Pediatric providers specializes in the medical, and orthopedic care of infants and children. Board-certified pediatricians, nurses, and other health care staff are available 24 hours a day to care for children and provide support for their parents and family.

Much of the dramatic progress made in human life expectancy during the 20th century has come not at the end of life but at the beginning. Premature babies weighing no more than two pounds now survive and thrive. Birth itself is no longer the danger it once was. Most of the infectious diseases that once crippled or cut short young lives are now well under control, and there is increasing hope for babies and children with even the most deadly health problems. Not long ago, such miracles were the purview of a handful of university medical centers. Now, top-quality maternal and infant care is possible much closer to home.

In the Napa Valley, families know they can turn with complete confidence to Queen of the Valley Medical Center because the Queen delivers what they need. More than 1000 babies safely enter the world here every year. Even those who are born with serious health problems are able to stay right here, close to the families who love them, while they receive the care that saves their lives and gives them a healthy start.

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