Minimally Invasive Surgery

The majority of patients express fear when faced with surgery. Justifiably so. That’s one of the main reasons surgeons at the Queen of the Valley have made extraordinary efforts to become experts in the use of minimally invasive surgery.

A definition: Minimally invasive surgical approaches utilize small incisions through which cameras and instruments are passed to accomplish the operation from within a body cavity. The minimally invasive surgical approach offers several advantages over traditional open surgery. First of all, the cosmetic result is almost always superior to that achieved with an open operation. In layman’s terms, that means less scaring.

For many operations, post-operative pain is significantly reduced. Faster discharge from the hospital and a more rapid return to full activities are additional benefits. Queen of the Valley Medical Center is proud to feature surgeons skilled in minimally invasive surgical procedures in nearly every field of surgery. Queen of the Valley Medical Center offers specialization in the following areas of minimally invasive surgery.

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