For Patients


  • Reach for the Stars 2011
    The Queen’s Foundation 18th Annual Fundraising Event in Support of the Wellness Center.
    Guest: Susan Hamilton Program Director, Special Events
  • March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month
    Prevention and Early Diagnosis Recommendations
  • Reach for the Stars, Surviving Cancer Event & Fashion
    Guest: Queen’s Foundation
  • Lung Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention
    Guest: Dr. Samer Kannaan
  • Queen of the Valley Medical Center, award winning cancer program
    Guests: Adele Cotter, Nurse Navigator and Britta Wallace Rehabilitation Therapist
  • Prostate Cancer
    Guest: Dr. Khaira
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Options
    Guest: Elizabeth Cunningham, MD
  • Radiation Oncology
    Guest: Dr. Christian Anderson
    A team approach towards cancer treatment
  • Cancer Treatments
    Guest: Dr. Ari Umutyan
    Comprehensive program available at Queen of the Valley Medical Center
  • Cancer Survivor Event (Reach for the Stars)
    Guest: Dick Green, VP Foundation Queen of the Valley Medical Center
    Unique cancer survivor event to raise awareness about cancer.
  • Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
    Guest: Dr. Ali Vaziri
    The most preventable of all cancers - colonoscopies after age 50 make the difference
  • Lung Cancer
    Guest: Dr. Samer Kanaan
    Learn about prevention and treatment options
  • Common Skin Diseases
    Guest: Dr. Alex De Moraes
    How to identify a cancerous skin lesion. What to do if you suspect skin cancer. Tips on preventing skin cancer.

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